Up, up, and away!

By Dan Gardner

Woven x Cameron Balloons

It’s high-tech and handcrafted.

The Bristol-based Cameron Balloons, world famous for their ballooning heritage and industry leading hot air balloons, were after some much needed content to revitalise their website and social media channels.

We happily obliged, pitching a film that followed the entire process of creating a hot air balloon, from design to launch. From factory to flight.

Cameron Balloons unique approach to manufacturing retains a strong link to their heritage, with many components still being handmade, however they were  keen to showcase how they marry this with their modern technology.

Cameron Balloons

A production this size required splitting into two days.

The first involved shooting inside their huge Bristol factory, creating scenes with each department to showcase all the individual artisans and how each of their crafts combine to create a finished balloon, right down to the last stitch.

The second required a few very early alarm clocks and some tight scheduling. After a few months (!) waiting for the perfect weather window, we had ourselves a beautiful sunrise launch and a well choreographed flight of 4 balloons over the beautiful fields of Gloucester.

Cameron Balloons

Reaching new heights

We shot from the air in the baskets, as well as from the ground, capturing the all important final shots that would tie together the factory to the flight, demonstrating the story of Cameron Balloons.

Our film has helped to modernise a traditional brand, showing them in a light not previously seen and providing visual flair to their unique story.


Full film below.

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