Welcome to Good Sixty

Good Sixty

Welcome to Good Sixty

Hero film and social campaign

Good Sixty trusted us to make their first major brand film, the purpose of which was to explain what they do and why. The film was used to raise awareness for Good Sixty via paid social media and Youtube ads, and as a legacy film on their website.

At the heart of Good sixty are its suppliers, products and green manifesto.

We knew we needed a concept that took viewers on a journey and we wanted them to feel part of it, like they were coming along for the ride. We scripted a voiceover for narrative and then developed the idea of the use of transitions to create a sense of seamless travel.

It was a busy two days filming in Bristol with some of Good Sixty’s incredible staff and suppliers. In the end we delivered a film that was rammed packed full of delicious produce, real people and one smooth journey.

I would strongly recommend Woven Films to any company looking for smooth and sophisticated video production

Sarah Newell, Marketing Manager

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