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By Joel Fennec

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Films with feeling, woven by specialists

Today we announce woven’s new brand identity, this is more than just a logo or look, it’s a fresh take on who we are, what we do and how we do it.

We knew this process was long overdue but often we get so caught up creating, tweaking and finessing work for our clients, that it’s easy to neglect the self-maintenance. The new brand represents months of hard work, self-reflection and creative development.

Why we decided to freshen things up

Don’t get me wrong, the old brand has served us faithfully and the weave logo still wins a fair few compliments, but over the last few years woven has grown as a company and we need something that reflects where we are and where we’re heading.

We need a brand that’s passionate, coherent and easy to use. A brand that’s simple but works hard, appeals to all but attracts specific eyes and ultimately a brand that helps us talk to our clients better.

From the start, we knew we would need a good bit of guidance and a lot of creative objectively. Oku, a creative agency specialising in branding, won us over with their great portfolio and refreshing approach.

Building a strong brand

In order to build a brand and identity that would represent us as a team, we invited team members, freelancers, suppliers and clients to contribute with their points of view.
We workshopped with Oku to discover, what we love, why we love it and why our clients love to work with us. We looked at where we’ve come from, where we are and where we want to be. And all this helped to inform our brand narrative.

Our brand narrative

Love’s a strong word. But we’re never going to shy away from being anything but unapologetically passionate. Passionate about the films we make. About the people, we make them with. About creativity and craft. Passionate about pouring over every single detail at every stage of your project. Passionate about putting the best of ourselves, all of ourselves, into your films.

Our brand values

We updated our brand values, a set of guiding principles that shape every aspect of our business. They sit at the very heart of our brand and convey the key qualities that set us apart from everyone else.


The name game

Lastly, we looked at our name. Deep down we still felt the woven name was at our heart and it still felt up-to-date and relevant. So we decided to keep it.

The new woven look

The next step was to create a visual change that reflected this new mindset.

We started with our logo and how it could communicate our concept. The logo became more refined and easier to use across a range of platforms. The ‘w’ came to represent a thread and through its development came the creation of the woven font and the ‘loop’.

These elements became the core design themes that run through the whole visual rebrand. The creation of a typeface logo can also easily be scaled and works in more places.

We added in a much-needed modern colour palette.

Finally, we updated the website. We wanted a website that was crammed full of video and better exhibited all of our work. We increased the interactivity of the site. In the back end, the site is designed in a way which makes it simple to update, making it easier for us to showcase new work and keep visitors up to date with our latest news.

We are proud to say we now have something that fits. We have a clear definition of who we are and what we stand for. A brand that is unapologetically passionate, honest and reflects our love for filmmaking.

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