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Forestry England

Working at Forestry England

Hero film from Forestry England video series.

Forestry England wanted to show that they offer a huge range of employment opportunities across their business, not just the stereotypical tree felling.

We were keen to help them achieve their vision. It was time for a road trip.

We spent five days traversing the length of the UK to explore some of Forestry England’s most spectacular locations and meet their incredible staff.

Everyone we met absolutely loved their jobs and gave us fantastic answers. This, together with a ‘B roll’ and drone footage of their beautiful places, created a series of powerful individual films for their careers pages.

From the individual films we took all the best bits and wove them together to create the ‘Day In The Life of’ to work as their employer brand hero film.

Lovely job on the videos, they look fantastic.

Ben Thomas, Forestry England

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