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Get the bus outta here

A series of social films to encourage young teen travel on First Buses.

First Bus were keen to reach the young teenage demographic who long for some independence from their parents but can’t yet drive a car.

Catching attention on social is typically tricky, so we knew we needed something special. We wanted to open up the world of possibilities that were only a bus ride away.

We pulled together a group of fun-loving friends and let them loose across the West. We wanted to get the maximum amount of content we could across the production days so, thinking broadly, we captured still photos for the OOH side of the campaign as well as video footage.

Drawing on our broad knowledge of camera and editing techniques, we made a series of fast-paced films, with lots of variety, aimed at effectively ‘stopping the scroll’.

We are super proud of the results.

Love it, I’ve only watched the first one and already dancing in my seat!

Sarah Wallbridge, First Bus

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