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Employer brand - 1 x hero film and 5 x hub films.

Dorset council commissioned us to produce a hero film and hub content, to increase awareness about their culture, demonstrate that it’s a great place to work and drive candidate applications.

With over 400 different jobs in the council, it was important to cover a cross-section of roles and find interviewees with the right stories. We worked closely with the council to highlight key messages, identify appropriate contributors and then ask the right questions to tease out some really great answers.

In production we spent three days in beautiful Dorset capturing five individual stories. The stories each worked as stand-alone pieces, as well as forming the basis for the four minute hero film.

The films we created for them proved to be a fantastic hub foundation and template, allowing the council to utilise the assets and create their own recruitment UGC. It’s wonderful to get feedback that we’ve added wider value within the business.

The film made me even MORE proud to be working for Dorset Council

Erin Lawerence, OD consultant

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