Green Statement

At Woven, we’re committed to creating great films in a sustainable way.

We all know that the world is at an environmental tipping point and each and every person as well as businesses have a important role to play in creating a sustainable future.

At woven we take responsibility for our own sustainabilty and are accountable for the way we operate our business. Our goal is to reduce our environmental impact and safeguard our planet for our people and our customers.

Actions we are taking to reduce our impact.

Carbon offsetting:
We offset our carbon with Ecologi, investing in tree planting across the world and supporting key carbon offsetting initiatives.

We’ll only fly if it’s absolutely necessary and where possible hire local crew and equipment.
When transport by car is required for a production, we encourage hiring electric or hybrid vehicles and carpooling among crew members.
We have reduced our travel by adopting virtual meetings.

Waste management:
We’ll dispose of all waste responsibly and recycle or reuse where possible.
We encourage all crew members to bring their own refillable water bottles to shoots

Office supplies:
We only use recycled paper
We only print when absolutely necessary

Energy consumption:
We use LED lights in the studio and while on location to reduce our energy consumption.

Filming & computer equipment:
We have a core kit for filming and hire everything else in.
We maintain our IT equipment to make it last as long as possible and only renew when absolutely necessary.

Our website is hosted by a sustainable hosting company

We understand that there is still much more to do and have assigned a sustainability co-ordinator within the company who will be responsible for tracking, reviewing and updating our policies.

Joel Fennec

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