Our simple 3 step process focuses on the creative development to nurture and shape ideas

01. Pre-production

Finding your thread

Every project starts with an idea. Working closely with you, we provide the right creative development to nurture and shape this idea into a story.  We research, script and oversee all areas of pre-production ensuring that every film we make meets your specific needs.

02. Production

Weaving your story

Every shoot is different and has many unique factors to consider, however we are uncompromising in quality, content and professionalism. We pride ourselves on delivering beautifully crafted and composed images that tell a visual story and compliment your idea. We work with a team of dedicated creative professionals, so that if your video requires a single cameraman or a whole production team, we can offer the right solutions.

03. Post-Production

The Cut

The cut is the final stage where we bring all the threads back together to produce your final film. We feel it is important to include our clients as much as possible at this crucial stage, offering re-edits, corrections and technical advice to make sure you get a film you are proud of.