What we do

We help your brand and business communicate effectively in the digital space. We make films with heart and creative content that cuts through the online noise.

Our core team manages the whole process from concept to delivery, allowing us to cater for every single aspect of the production and meet your specific needs.

We produce a wide range of moving content but what really gets us going is a digital first approach to branded films, promotional campaigns and video optimised for social media.

We work across a range of sectors but specialise in tourism and travel, tech and charity and third sector.

How we do it

Concept & Strategy

Finding your thread

Right, it’s time to get that video you’ve always wanted. You roughly know what you’re looking for but you’re not sure how to get it made. This is where we come in, our team are bursting at the seams with creativity, we can help nurture and shape your idea into the kind of film your brand and customers deserve. It starts with getting to know you, your audience and campaign objectives. With all this in hand we can come up with a package that works with your content strategy and delivers maximum impact.


Weaving your story

So we’ve got an eye wateringly good concept, but it takes a lot of work to get that film made, lucky for you our team are experienced in every aspects of production. We plan, script, schedule, storyboard and cover all the other more boring essentials, so that when it comes to shooting everything is smooth sailing. On shoots we are uncompromising in quality, content and professionalism and pride ourselves on delivering beautifully crafted stories.

Post-Production & Delivery

The cut

The cut is where we bring all the threads back together to produce your final film. We feel it’s important to include our clients as much as possible at this crucial stage, offering re-edits, corrections and technical advice to make sure you get a film you’re proud of. The final stage is where we send that film out into the wild, and by wild we mean the carefully crafted content strategy that was put in place at the start.

And that’s it, you can sit back and watch your film grow into the next big grumpy cat sensation.