Corporate Videos

As a business, getting a clear and direct message out there can be challenging. Using video helps to condense your message into a concise and digestible format, cutting down lengthy written comms and the dreaded 50 page newsletter. 

We work with businesses of all sizes to deliver innovative and eye-catching films for B2B, recruitment and internal comms.

Examples of Corporate Videos

Triodos Bank | Recruitment film

Triodos Bank commissioned us to produce a recruitment film that encapsulated their core values and vision for the future. Early on we knew that we wanted to tell the Triodos story using real employees as we could clearly see the power, passion and dedication that each staff member had towards achieving the Triodos mission.

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Bristol Waste Company | Site Induction Film

Bristol Waste put health and safety first and they wanted to make sure that their visitors did the same. They asked us to produce a site induction film that was short, direct and easy to understand. The resulting film was displayed on a screen in all their receptions.

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Rackspace | Corporate Festival Film

Corporate events and staff festivals are an important part of Rackspace’s company culture. We work with them regularly to produce short 'look back' films, which work as great tools for building a sense of community with employees and sharing a brief look at company culture externally.

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