Explainer films

Explainer films are a great method of communicating complex messages in a digestible and simplified way. They are perfect for populating your channels with useful ever-green video content that adds value to existing customers.

We work closely with you to condense your content into bite-size chunks and use a variety of techniques, including animation and live action, to deliver that information in the most visually engaging way.

SS Great Britain | How to forge a chain

How was the famous SS Great Britain built? This film gives you an insight into all the incredible ironmongery that went into its construction.

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Amalgam | How we create our models

We spent some time with the Amalgam team to capture the meticulous detail that goes into every model.

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dunnhumby | Media Explained

We worked with Dunnhumby to visualise, through the use of animation, how their expertise improves the shopper experience in-store and online.

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Historic England | Water Washing Stone War Memorials

In eagerness to help, people often try to clean war memorials without professional guidance, this can leave the monument in an even worse state than when they started. Historic England commissioned us to freshen up their ‘how to clean a war memorial’ educational series and help conserve World War 1 memorials for future generations.

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ARAG | What is mediation

ARAG wanted to help people understand what was involved in a mediation and a trial. We created a series of short films documenting a mock trial and mediation which they could share with their customers.

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Found Hea | How do you know a brand is ethical?

Found Hea is an ethical clothing shop. They often get asked how they know whether a brand is ethical is not. This film explores the process they go on to discover the answer to that very question.

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