Promotional films

Promotional films or ‘the promo’ highlight specific campaigns, products and initiatives with high energy and feel-good tones.

We understand it’s important to stand out from the crowd so to do this we make films that are stylised and brand-centric. At the heart of our films is a well thought-out and digestible message optimised for social media.

Examples of Promotional Films

Visit Bath | Unexpected Bath

Visit Bath approached us with the brief to produce a sharable and unique film that explored the fun side of Bath, including local celebrities and iconic Bath locations. They tasked us with developing the creative concept and delivering this logistical mammoth of a project. The campaign was a huge success, with a reach of over 1.5m in just a few sh

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Bristol Energy | Make Your Switch Count

For an online advert Bristol Energy challenged us to find a way of visualising the passing on of ‘good energy’ in an interesting way. We developed the concept of throwing and catching a glowing ball, to create the idea of sharing energy fluidly. The idea was such a success that Bristol Energy adopted this theme throughout their brand and later camp

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Triodos Bank | Current Account Launch Film

Everyday banking changed with the launch of the Triodos Current Account. We created this hype film for their AGM to launch the product and its features. The film was a fast turn-around with concept to completion in only a couple of weeks. To overcome filming restrictions we adopted 3D animation, shot new B-Roll and repurposed archive footage. The f

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Amalgam | Building a Ferrari SF90

Following amalgam's build of the model Ferrari SF90 let us reveal the attention to detail they give to every tiny element of the model.

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Deichmann | Join Our Team

We discovered first hand that working at Deichmann is fast-paced and lots of fun. Though staff interviews and footage of them working we helped Deichmann show what it's like to work there.

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Radio Detection | RD8200 Launch film

We helped Radio Detection launch their new most advanced locator with a primarily launch film and a series of short videos highlighting the impressive features.

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