Charity & Third Sector

The modern audience is a savvy one. Thinking outside the box and engaging audiences in new ways has become crucial to standing out from the crowd. We believe the best way to challenge misconceptions and drive meaningful change is to find and tell brave and sometimes difficult stories: stories full of emotion, inspiration and hope.  

We’re proud to have worked with a range of clients including: Action on Hearing Loss, Byte Night, NHS, Women’s Aid and Sixty One. 

Womens Aid | Coercive Control Awareness Campaign

Women's Aid commissioned us to create a series of videos for a social media campaign, with the aim of raising awareness of coercive control. The films needed to be short, informative and drive traffic to a central website that housed additional resources, information and advice:

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Open Doors | With Them Campaign

Open Doors ran a campaign to encourage people around the world to fundraise through universal activities such as baking or walking. We created this film to start the conversation and inspire audiences with a few simple ideas.

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Action on Hearing Loss | Life in the workplace

Laura’s life changed in an instant when she woke up one day and realised she had lost her hearing overnight. This film follows her story focusing on how she and her company tackled her hearing loss at work.

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NIHR | Grahame Cancer Trial

NIHR wanted to educate and encourage patients to consider how taking part in a trial could be beneficial to themselves and wider health research. We were privileged to film Grahame as he shared his story and experience of a cancer trial.

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Sixty One | Living free from crime

Sixty One help support and reintegrate those who've left prison. This film was made to showcase the good work Sixty One do, help them raise funding and increase volunteer signups.

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Action on Hearing Loss | Jack's story

We created this video with Action on Hearing Loss to demonstrate to employers that with a few simple steps employing a deaf or hard of hearing person is a very worthwhile investment.

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